Simply Nerdy Mom: Take a Shot in Remembrance of Allen Rickman

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Take a Shot in Remembrance of Allen Rickman

Mischief Managed Polyjuice Potion

A week or two ago, I received these two Harry Potter themed shot glasses to review. They oddly came at the perfect time. I cannot drink alcohol while on my Nutrisystem diet, however, if I could, I would be taking a shot for Allen Rickman. 

These two glasses feature Mischief Managed and Polyjuice Potion; Assume Form. Both are humorous additions to any Harry Potter fan's collection. Have your mischief managed with a shot of your favorite beverage and assume form with your very own Polyjuice Potion. The best part is that it doesn't have to be alcohol in the glasses! If you don't drink alcohol, you can always make some non-alcoholic butterbeer shots to enjoy in these great glasses. These also make great gifts for any Harry Potter fan!

The letters are done in black on both glasses so you can see it no matter what you choose to put inside them and these shot glasses are also pretty good size compared to a lot of other novelty shot glasses on the market. They hold two ounces and are very durable, thankfully, since these will be a huge hit at our summer cookouts.

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