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Monday, November 9, 2015

Organize Your Cosmetics The Cute Way!

I am a stickler for a well organized home and one place that I really needed organization was the top of my dresser! I don't have a vanity, so all of my cosmetics, serums, creams, and even my jewelry is just tossed on top of my dresser in boxes and just hanging out all over the place. I love these acrylic organizers so much!

They are really sturdy and well made and are going to last a long time. They are a stylish clear color so not only can you see inside them, but they match any decor. The drawers in this one weren't big enough to hold any of my shadow pallets so I decided to use it to store some of my jewelry and hair accessories in and the top to house a few of my most used serums and facial creams. I love that I can see everything I need, especially with the little sections on the top right hand side where you can put lippies, glosses, mascaras, or anything smaller. The top piece actually comes off so you can separate them if you want, and it sits on top of the drawers really nicely.

I have another one on the other side that holds a few (compared to the large amount I have) cosmetics. When I took this photo, I used a few drawers for more jewelry and my cosmetics sponges, but I've since filled them with eye liners, single and quad shadows, and mascaras.Speaking honestly, I have about 30 eyeliners alone. Yeah, I know, that might be a little excessive to those who aren't huge lovers of makeup, but hey, you can never have too many liners when you're a cosplayer!

I originally had all of my larger shadow and contouring pallets in a small box in the center of my dresser. This actually took up less room than what I have now, but what I have now looks a little more organized. 

I got a larger flat piece to hold all of my large pallets and things that won't fit in the drawers of my other organizers. Of course, I have multiple sets of brushes, so one set is stored in my prom glasses from my senior prom (Yeah, I know. 12 years later and I still have them). The other set, which originally was just kept rolled up into my travel brush carrier, is in the bigger organizer next to my pallets. 

I'm going to be honest, these are a little bit of a pain to clean. I just throw them in a bathtub full of water or in my shower and wash them all at once with some baby shampoo or mild soap. I can't be the only person that gets powdered cosmetics all over everything, right? 

I wish I had the room for a large vanity and more of these organizers (they even have cute organizers for your brushes so you don't have to use wine glasses like me)! 

If you are like I use to be, and have all of your cosmetics thrown in a drawer of box, I highly suggest investing in some of these cosmetics organizers. Trust me, it's a lot easier to have all of my cosmetics organized by item and in handy drawers that are within reach. 

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