7 Ways to Help Relieve Stress

I am one of those people who always suffers from high levels of stress and anxiety. I suffer from depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and anxiety, but recently (within the last two years) being the victim of adult cyber bullying, harassment, and stalking as well as being drug through a lot by people I thought I could trust, it has gotten harder from me to relieve stress and anxiety. 

I researched a lot on how to better manage my stress and lower my anxiety, because it's well known that high levels of both can cause you to be sick more often, ages your skin,  and takes years off of your life. This is a list of 7 things that have worked for me personally. Try them out, maybe they will work for you as well!

..::Essential Oils::..

If you aren't keen on the idea of supplements, you can get the same mood enhancement with essential oils and aromatherapy. I swear by the many uses of essential oils and they are a perfectly natural, organic way to relieve a lot of ailments, not just stress and anxiety. There are many different scents that you can purchase to use in diffusers or you can mix scents to create something new. Essential oils can be used on the skin, some can be used in your hair and on your nails, and some can even be used in cooking. Lemon and orange are great mood enhancers and generally make you feel calmer from their scent. I personally use them in my diffusers at night or any time I need to relax. My favorite to use is lavender oil, but companies like doTERRA have special blends to help with relaxation. 

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A lot of people don't realize the true benefits of yoga. Sure, it can help you lose weight and strengthen muscles, but it does wonders for your emotional health as well. Yoga is a very calming activity if you make it a habit, and it benefits your overall health. I don't do yoga as often as I'd like, but when I do, I like to pair it with my essential oils and some calming music. 

..::At Home Spa::..
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Everyone knows that going to a spa is the best way to relieve stress and feel better about yourself, but not everyone can afford to go to one and be pampered. It's sad really, because I think women and men both need to let someone take care of them every once in a while. We spend so much of our time caring for others and trying to make everyone else happy, that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

You can set aside time for yourself and have an at home spa day. Don't be afraid to put some things aside for a few hours and just relax. Draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath, utilize those essential oils I talked about above, light some candles, have a sip of wine or a hot beverage and just relax. Put on some relaxing music. If you can, take your laptop or tablet into the bathroom and relax int he tub while you enjoy a movie. I usually take at least one Sunday a month to have a spa day. In addition to the bath, I also give myself a foot soak, mani and pedi, and use this time to do facial masks and even whiten my teeth. Not only does it help me sleep better at night and lowers my blood pressure, but it's also like a mini makeover! Spa days really do wonders for you inside and out.

..::Herbal Teas::..

Herbal teas do a wondrous thing. They taste great, and are great for you. One of my favorite brand's is Yogi, which has a great line of teas for every need. I use the detox, stress relief, and bedtime teas often, but they have so many others that you'll want to make sure you have them on hand at any time.

I generally sip hot tea through out the day in the fall and winter, but I love it after a hot bath, especially if I'm sick and in bed, no matter what season it is. The taste is amazing and the herbs relax and sooth you and get your body back on track.

..::Meditation Videos::..
Meditation is an obvious way to feel better, but did you know you can find soothing videos on Youtube? I know you're thinking Youtube is the last place you want to go to relax because let's face it, some of those videos are just plain weird, but I swear by this method. I have what's known as ASMR, which a tingly, relaxed feeling you get from watching or hearing others perform certain tasks. You can read more about it HERE. ASMR is increasing in popularity although it still seems to weird people out who don't understand it. Think of Bob Ross. Did you get a relaxed, sleepy feeling watching him paint, his mannerisms, his soft voice? Believe it or not, his videos are now used to help others sleep at night and help others through depression! I know it sounds crazy, but it works! Theres even an entire web site dedicated to ASMR and meditation videos!


I know what you're thinking. "I'm an adult. Coloring is for children." That use to be true, but artistic adults know that art has a calming effect. This is why adult coloring books are increasing in popularity. There's just something about putting crayon, marker, paint, pen, or pencil to paper and turning something from black and white into marvelous color. Art in general is a great way to combat depression and stress and you don't have to have any real artistic ability to do it. Take a canvas and slap some paint on it to depict how you are feeling at that moment. Even if you don't think it looks good, you'll be surprised how much better you feel. I've gotten into adult paint by number kits and color by number books and I can spend hours working on them. Once I'm done for the day, I notice I just feel so much better and I feel like I also accomplished something as well. My favorite book is the Querkles color by number book. You only need 5 colors or shades and it doesn't matter your skill level, whatever you do will turn into a master piece. Trust me on this one. And it's fun, too!

..::Talk To Someone::..

The best way to relieve stress is just simply talking with someone. When you bottle up a lot of stress and emotions things can often times become much worse and all of that ends up effecting your health. You'll find that often times, all you really need is something who's willing to listen. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a friend or family member, there is now the option of speaking with a licensed therapist online for free with BetterHelp. The best part is, you don't even have to leave your house and you can stay in your pajamas! 


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