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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Call of Duty: Burger Opps: Think Geek Tactical BBQ Apron

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No man wants to wear a frilly apron while he's out grilling delicious meat and veggies so why not get dad a Tactical BBQ Apron by Think Geek.

There is plenty of room for dad to store all kinds of grilling equipment, condiments, and seasonings all in one handy location instead of scattered all over the place. The pouches are removable and can be placed anywhere you want.

My husband has been eying this baby up for quite some time and we surprised him with it as an early Father's Day gift. I ordered from Amazon so I could get the free two day shipping with my Amazon Prime and we got the digital camo instead of just plain black, which was no big deal and my husband still looks awesome in it. 

He wears this every single time he grills and since he is usually the one manning the grill at family cookouts (both our own and at other family member's homes), he's pretty stoked to show this thing off to family and friends. I think his only "complaint" was that there's no space big enough to hold a beer (at least on the digital camo one, there might be on the black one). 

My husband use to roll his eyes when I would ask him to fire up the grill, but after he got his Tactical Apron, now he can't wait to man the grill! He even had to go out and buy new "manly" grilling utensils and makes sure to pick up steaks every week. He's even updated his grilling spices! 

Check out this awesomely hilarious video from Think Geek.

Purchase Tactical Chef Apron by ThinkGeek
(And be sure to read the hilarious reviews while you are there!)

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