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Thursday, March 19, 2015

WearMax Scratch Concealer Review + Giveaway

 Hardwood floors are nice, but they are a lot of work to maintain. Anyone who has hardwood floors knows, scratches are going to happen, especially if you have kids. You can't just keep replacing your hardwood floors every time they get scratched, so how do you fix them? With WearMax Scratch Concealer!

WearMax Scratch Concealer is the perfect solution to hiding those white scratches on your hardwood flooring, sealing the scratch and eliminating it's appearance permanently. 

You simply apply the concealer to the white scratches, wipe off with a rag, and allow it to set in regular ambient lighting. I advise against using this in direct sunlight and it's not for outdoor use as naturally, it will not set and could be easily wiped off revealing your scratches all over again.

Once set, the concealer will not wash away so you can carry on cleaning your floors as you normally would with no worry that it will wipe off. 

This is a before and after shot. The left hand side of the wood is all scratched up and the white is very visible. The right hand side was also scratched up pretty good, with some pretty deep gouges in the wood. We used Scratch Concealer on this side, rubbed with a rag in circular motions for a little but, and left it to "cure" under a lamp. 4 hours later, the white scratches are less noticeable. Now, obviously, this stuff is not going to fill in the scratches and completely remove them from the hardwood. That's impossible. But it fills them in enough that they are not even noticeable at all unless you have your face down near the floor. 

If you have darker stained flooring, it is recommended that you use a color marker made for wood that matches your stain first. 

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