Simply Nerdy Mom: PlaSmart Scribble Down Review

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PlaSmart Scribble Down Review

Scribble Down by PlaSmart is a fun line of colorful images that can be transfered onto the provided background to make different scenes. There are six different titles to choose from and are perfect as stocking stuffers, travel activities, or even party favors. 

We received the Enchanted Castle, Dinosaur Encounter, and Wild Adventures At The Waterhole. 

When you open them up, they each have their own scene. This is the Wild Adventures one. The scene is on a laminated type card stock paper and measures 8.25" by 11.5" so there is plenty of space for your child to design their own scene. 

These are the colorful sheet of transfers that it comes with. You just remove the backing and position them anywhere you want them in the scene then use a pen, pencil, or coin (which is what we used) to rub the transfer onto the scene. 

There are instructions on the back of each "book" along with handy tips. 

This is my daughter's finished scene. I love that it taps into her creativity and she loves that it's a play scene for her little animal figures and such. She just sets them up in front of it and comes up with stories. You could also ask your child to come up with a story about the scene, either verbally expressed to you or written out. 

The target age on these is 4 and up, but my 2 and a half year old loved doing them with me and his 7 year old sister. A younger child would need a little more assistance, but I think it would be a great tool for hand and eye coordination as well as story telling. 

You can connect with PlaSmart and learn more about their entire line of children's products at the following sites:

You can also find the Scribble Down packs on Amazon by clicking HERE.  Or enter below to win your very own pack of Scribble Down!