Simply Nerdy Mom: The Perfect Decor: Using One Wreath for Every Season!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Perfect Decor: Using One Wreath for Every Season!

I kind of have a bit of an obsession with Boxwood. I can't help it, it just looks nice with any decor if you ask me. My home's decor is mostly a clash up of Tuscan and Rustic, so I have boxwood in just about every room. This boxwood wreath, specifically, is the perfect addition to my decor because I can keep it plain or change it up whenever I want. 

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You know, I love boxwood so much that I actually planted some boxwood so much that I actually planted some in my front garden beds. I figure it's perfect for edging landscaping, and they are really easy to maintain, you can get new plants from clippings, and you can preserve them to make things.

My plants are still babies, though, so until they are fully grown, I've just been decorating with artificial boxwood. I've wanted a boxwood wreath for my front door for a little while now and this one was provided by the good folks at CSI Wall Panels.

For the past month the wreath has been plain just hanging on my door. I went out to look for fall decor to add to it, but at the time I ventured out to shop, there was few options (although now everything is out fully, so I think another trip is in order). I just dug through my fall decor I already had to add these elements to the wreath and I think it turned out quite nice. Everything is just stuck into the wreath with floral picks and wire. The scarecrow doll is just sitting snug in the center. I did this so I can change out decorations on it with each holiday or season. This makes things a bit easier on me, because I don't have to find room to store a bunch of different wreaths for each holiday and season. I can use just one and have a nice little tote of just flowers, snowflakes, snowmen, flags, leaves, and whatever else I can find to swap accents out. 

Changing up plain, faux, plants is really easy and they last virtually forever if you take good care of them. While it's nice to have real plants through out your home, if you are like me and just want something easy to take care of that will look great all year long, I highly recommend faux plants from Silk Plants Direct. In addition, definitely check out the 3D wall panels offered by CSI Wall Panels to update your rooms with minimal effort. 

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