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Monday, July 2, 2018

Date Night: Minute to Win It!

It's time for another date night! Hooray! This month's theme was Minute to Win It and here's what went down.

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Minute to Win It games are quick games of skill that are only 60 seconds long. You may remember some time ago that there was a game show on television called Minute to Win It, but I think the concept has been around much longer. These are typically party games, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with your significant other, right?

I'll be honest, my husband and I are more of the "Order pizza after the kids go to bed and play video games" type of couple. We do play board games and put puzzles together, but most of our gaming together is video games. So, this box didn't particularly appeal to us. But that's okay! Because it did appeal to my kids, so we decided to have a "Kids Night In" with this one.

One of the reasons my husband wasn't all that excited about this month's box theme is because he's a party pooper when it comes to things where he might look a little ridiculous. And yeah, this box was that kind of fun. 😂 Like I said, party pooper. 

That being said, my kids had a blast!

Typically each month I group the items together by activity and shoot them that way to present to you. This month, that was hard to do since a lot of the items are used multiple times. Here's what came in the box for your games:

1 ball
1 pair of pantyhose
2 cookies
1 package of jelly beans
4 straws
6 cups
2 rolls of streamers
2 pencils
2 game markers
1 small roll of string
1 scorecard (which is on the back of your monthly date night "newsletter" - as I like to call it)

The first game was my kids favorite. This is where you put the ball in the foot of the pantyhose, then put the pantyhose on your head. You set up cup where they are lined up in two parallel rows about a foot or so apart. Then you try to knock the cups over by only using the pantyhose in the ball and no hands! This means you will have to swing your head around to knock them over, and it's not as easy as it sounds. My kids had a ton of fun with this one and were laughing really hard watching each other try to knock the cups over. 

Game number two had them making an "elevator" out of straws and string draped over their ears to carry the jelly beans up as high as they can without dropping them in 60 seconds. 

We had to do the second jelly bean game right after this one, because they wanted to hurry up and eat the jelly beans. I mean, who wouldn't, though? So the next one we played used the last two straws and two more jelly beans. We set up a finish line at the end of our table, and the two of them raced to get their jelly bean to the finish line first by only blowing into the straw and using their "wind power" to move the jelly bean. This was funny because they were in such a hurry to get the jelly bean to the finish so they could eat them, that they made themselves light headed. I would like to imagine that adults would have a little more restraint than kids, but either way, getting light headed trying to move a jelly bean is hilarious. 

We only played one more game after this and that was the streamer one. This is where they each took a roll of streamers and only using one hand, tried to unroll as much of it as possible in 60 seconds. It was like a party in here with crepe paper streamers flying everywhere, and they were loving playing in them afterwards. Which solidifies my decision to let the kids do this month's box, because my husband would just roll his eyes at me making crepe paper angels on the floor, where my kids thought it was the best thing ever. 

The last game was where you put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it to your mouth without using your hands. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen with my kids. So to celebrate a good game and all the fun we had while daddy was at work, the kiddos just ate the cookies. 

Obviously since the kiddos and I had a lunch date instead of my husband and I having a date night, instead of the usual Spotify date night playlist, we just played some kids music, and for lunch had mac and cheese, burgers, and lemonade. All of which were kind of my kids versions of the date night meals.

Matter of fact, this month's date night meal looks delicious, and so this is going to end up being our actual date night with maybe some ingredients being swapped out for others based on our tastes. I always love when we cook together We have a small kitchen, but that makes it even more fun for us.

I'm glad my kiddos got to have a little fun and the three of us had a lunch date together. They are always hearing about mommy and daddy having a date night, and I think sometimes they feel left out, so it was nice to do this one with them. Now next month's will be back to being mommy and daddy dates because we could really use one! 

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