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Friday, July 6, 2018

Beautiful Journals For Creative Girls

I think journals are important and that everyone should keep a journal, especially creative types. Not only do they help relieve stress, but they are great to look back on and have as a keepsake. With my husband and I both being creative types, it was only a matter of time before our kids showed an interest in being more creative. My daughter especially loves keeping a journal and she her face lit up when these journals from Fox Chapel Publishing arrived. 

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You Are Beautiful and Always Be Yourself are creative journals by Jess Volinski designed to help tween girls build confidence. Both are hardback journals with colorful illustrations from Volinski. The You Are Beautiful journal is 128 lined pages that are blank (with the exception of some doodles here and there) which gives your girl lots of free space to jot down her thoughts and dreams. The acid free paper makes writing smooth with both pen and pencil. It provides a creative space for girls age 8-12, or literally anyone for that matter. 

The book Always Be Yourself is more of a writing prompt journal. The motivational guided writing prompts serve as both thought starters and a way to look back on how much styles, thoughts, and favorite things have changed as your daughter gets older. This book is a great compliment to the You Are Beautiful Journal and can spark creativity and expression.

I especially love how some pages in the Always Be Yourself have little whimsical doodles around lists and questions. 

Both books are available everywhere starting July 9th and are currently available for preorder on Amazon

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