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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Rotten Stepbrother Ruined Cinderella

I kind of really like to read different takes on fairy tales. It really keeps things more interesting and it's fun to see how different tales can be spun. In the My Rotten Stepbrother series, many classic tales end up changed, but not for long as it's up to the main characters in the book to change them back. 

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In My Rotten Stepbrother Ruined Cinderella Maddie's brother fractures the classic fairy tale. Cinderella's prince married one of her evil, ugly sisters instead, and she's left alone. What's a fairy tale without a happily ever after, right?

So it's up to Maddie and her rotten stepbrother Holden to fix what is broken, and to do so, they have to be transported into the story. The only problem is that, if they can't fix the story and end with the proper happily ever after, they are stuck in that story world forever. 

The book has great illustrations and my 11 year old daughter loves it! It had her laughing and giggling all the way through. She reads every night and sets her timer book mark for 15 minutes. Usually once the 15 minutes is up, she puts the book down and wants to go back to her ipad. With this book, she just kept on reading well after the timer had gone off and up until she completely finished the book. We both had to admit, that Holden really did have some good points about some plot holes in the original story, which is how he breaks the story in the first place, by questioning these plot holes. 

We love this book, and it's definitely something to read again, and again.

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