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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Journals for the Spiritually Creative

I love keeping journals and through out the years, I have got more creative with them. Drawing in the spaces where I would write about my day. Sometimes I would write poems, or just doodle things that corresponded to my day. I found through the years that keeping a journal helps relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. I've been keeping a 5 year journal for the last three years and in particular, it became a good way to reflect back and see how things have changed through the last few years. The best part is that you don't have to have creative talents to keep a journal. 

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I recently was chosen to be apart of the WaterBrook Creatives Team, and to start off, they have sent me two of their creative spiritual journals, which are absolutely lovely!

The Daily Question 5-year Spiritual Journal is very similar in style to the 5-year journal I've already been keeping for a few years now, with the exception that this one focuses more on questions about life and faith. 

Each day has their own page with a new question to be thought about and answered. Along the side of the page are spaces to write the year, along with lines to write on. Don't worry if you miss a day or two, you can always go back and write in the days that you missed. 

The book is small enough to fit in your bag, so you can easily take it with you. 

If you aren't quite sure you can dedicate to a full 5 year journal, there is also the equally as beautiful 30 Days to Joy, which is a one month creative journal. This will allow you to start off small and may be a lot less overwhelming. 

There are pages of inspirational quotes with beautiful designs lightly drawn around them, which can be colored in, traced over, or left the way they are, but come on, how could you not want to grab your colored pencils or gel pens and color these gorgeous designs?

There are many pages of prompts and a lot of blank space for you to write or draw whatever comes to you from reading the prompt. Don't worry if you aren't great at drawing. The focus isn't so much about how well your drawing look, but more about how you feel inside after you have got your feelings down on paper. It's a wonderful way to express yourself and also really delve deeper into your faith. 

I really love the great pages in the back where you are prompted to create a joyful playlist. 

Overall, not only can both of these books serve as a way to free your mind and open your heart, but you will be able to look back when you are feeling down or just to reflect and really learn a lot about yourself and find that joy that you need. 

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