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Friday, August 18, 2017

Creative Lettering Sketchbook

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I love to doodle and I remember when I was younger I would doodle fancy lettering in my notes to friends or on my notebooks and folders. I still sometimes get fancy with my lettering when I make out my Christmas cards each year. I have to say, I'm not quite as good as I use to be, probably because I don't practice my lettering as often as I use to. The Draw, Color, & Sticker Creative Lettering Sketchbook is serious fun and a great way to practice lettering designs and techniques. 

You start out with a brush script practice page. I've found that a lot of markers that have the double ended tips work great for this because they are made with an angled tip on the bigger end. Copic is a good example, but are rather expensive. I use the Ohuhu 40 ct. duel tipped markers. They flow nice and smooth and have vibrant colors that blend well. They are also Copic quality for only $20. 

There are pages to color, where I will also recommend those Ohuhu markers because they blend so nicely that, I'm not kidding, you will be impressed and never use another cheap brand of markers again. 

Once you get use to different kinds of lettering, there is a page of phrases in the back of the book for you to letter. If you are an Etsy seller who makes various things with lettering, these are great ideas to put on pillows, plaques, shirts, and more. This book is also great for those who make their own greeting cards or decor, whether you are just a hobby artist or a career artist who sells their work. 

There are also some pages that tell you to use the stickers that are provided in the back of the book to jazz up your pages a bit, making this book even more of a keepsake type than just a fun activity book. 

The stickers are so pretty and you don't have to use them in the book if you don't want to. As a matter of fact, I could see you dressing up envelopes and such with your new lettering techniques if you wish.

The back of the book shows that there are more books like this and I have to tell you, I'm seriously here for it! All three look like a good time and really speak to the artsy momma in me, as well as the child doodler. 

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