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Sunday, July 2, 2017

SimLife Kids Table and Chair Set

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My kids do a lot of arts and crafts, put puzzles together, and play board and card games. Our dining room table is a little bit big for the both of them when they play games or put together puzzles, as my son has to almost lay on the table to reach his sister on the other side. We use to have a small kids table that they would do their work on or eat breakfast and lunch on, but they grew out of that one pretty quickly, so they needed something bigger and more sturdy.

This SimLife kids table and chair set was perfect and they absolutely love it! It arrived at our door on a Friday afternoon while I was preparing for a birthday party.  It's solid wood, so it has some weight to it, but I dragged it in the house and decided that I had enough time to put it together for them while I was in between food items that I had been making for the party. I had to hunt down a screwdriver, but that was the only tool I needed. Assembly really didn't take all that long, and the directions were really simple to follow. I had it completely together in around 15 minutes and that's with the kiddos interrupting me and running off with pieces. I did have a slight issue, and that was the quality of two of the pieces. 

The table top was really banged up straight out of the box. Which is more of a visual thing and doesn't really impair the function of the table. 

And one of the chairs was completely falling apart on one side. After assembly, I came to realize that fortunately, that part of the chair didn't seem to make a difference and the chair was sturdy enough after I put the legs on. However, I'm a little leery about how it will hold up long term. Thankfully, my youngest seems to use the table the most, and he rarely uses this chair. 

Of course, when you order furniture online and have it delivered to your home, you have to expect damage sometimes. Since the entire set was not only wrapped in soft foam, but also that hard packing foam, I tend to assume that this happened at the packaging factory and not so much in transit. We also somehow ended up with an extra screw just randomly rolling around in the bottom of the box. So packaging could be a little better, but overall, I would say it works great for my kiddos and what they use it for. I did notice that after a week of my two kids eating at it, there are some places where it's bubbled a bit from condensation from their drink glasses. So I caution you to watch liquids or anything hot on this table as it seems that may be a problem. If you are using it just as a station for your kids to play at, that shouldn't be an issue. As a matter of fact, if these things do happen, I actually would suggest gluing some large Lego tiles to the top and making it a lego table! 

My kids love it, so that's really all that matters to me. 

You can purchase this table and chair set from Cheerwing USA.

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