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Friday, June 23, 2017

Flavor Your Life With Authentic European Olive Oil

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I have been reading up on different cooking oils lately and have recently learned of Flavor Your Life
It's funded by the European Union, educates home and professional chefs alike of the benefits of using European Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest and freshest form of olive oil on the market and is 0.8% free of acidity. European olive oil provides the largest variety of flavors on the market due to climate, soil and time of harvest, making European olive oil the best kind to keep stocked in your pantry for every occasion and recipe. 

The olives harvested in August just before fully ripened, to produce more bitter, greener, and pungent oils. Olives harvested into the later months of the year (November through December), tend to have a more buttery taste as they are harvested once they are over ripened. Golden olives have a more fruity, sweet taste to them, the dark green olives produce a more herbal taste to them, French oil that is produced has a mild flavor and pale color, and Greek oil is green in color with a stronger flavor and aroma. 

Fun Fact: Certain brands of EVOO offer special QR codes, so that you may trace the oils origin to the plantation where it was grown and harvested. 

Shopping for the perfect EVOO will depend on what you wish to use it on. A drizzle of olive oil in dips or on bruschetta, for example, adds a burst of flavor and a satisfying feel to every bite. It has a high smoke point, making it great for everything from a saute to deep frying. A milder oil brings out the flavors in vegetables and fish, while a more robust flavor is perfect for steaks and spicier foods. EVOO can bring out the flavors in fresh herbs and spices, meaning you can mix a combination together and serve with bread as a dipping sauce. Don't forget that you can bake with EVOO as well! I enjoy using Zucchi Sweet & Fruity EVOO in my cakes, cookies, and brownies. It adds a little extra sweetness and citrus flavor to my baked goods. 

I use EVOO almost daily in my cooking. One thing we love in particular is my chicken, veggies, and fettuccine. 

Not only is it great when used in the process of cooking, but it makes a great drizzle over the finished product for added flavor. 

Hunting for great Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn't hard. You can find it anywhere from Walmart, to Trader Joes, and even Kroger and Giant Eagle. Many stores sell varieties of EVOO and I'm sure you will find a brand and flavor you will fall in love with. When shopping for the best EVOO, make sure to check for European Union PDO certification and country of origin on the label. This will give a good indication of the flavors and aromas of said oil, and help you better to decide what to pair it with when cooking or baking. 

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