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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Enhance Motor Skills With Catch and Learn

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My children love to learn, but that's probably because I always try to make it fun for them. We play games and sing songs, among other things, that help them remember things and enhance their learning. Because of this, we were really excited to try out Catch and Learn, a fun fishing game that helps kids learn and enhances your child's motor skills. 

Catch and Learn comes with an erasable marker, magnetic fish in different sizes, and a magnetic worm that your child "casts out" to collect the fish. You use the marker to write whatever you want on each fish. I mean, you can use this to teach uppercase and lowercase letters, sight words, numbers, math, how to spell your child's name, or your child can just play fish with them as a fun little game. Since the marker wipes right off of the fish, you can use this game over and over again. To pick up a fish, your child needs to extend the worm and use the magnate on the worm to pick up a fish. Once they have got one, they reel it in by pushing the blue button on the big fish.

You need to read the instructions carefully on how to use the worm on the string to pick up the fish. To extend the worm away from the big blue fish that it's attached to, you need to make sure you hold the button in as you pull. I've come to find out that this may be hard for young children to remember. The instructions say that if you forget to do that, you may ruin it. And that's exactly what happened with ours. After a few times of using it, we can no longer get the worm to reel back in by pushing the button on the blue fish. After a few games, my son must have forgotten to push the button while extending the worm on the string, and after that one time, we've never been able to reel it back in. So, I definitely want to stress the importance of making sure you push that button to extend the string. Hard to do with small children, I know.

Speaking of the string, it seems thing, but I gave it my all a few times and it never broke, so it's pretty sturdy. The button on the fish seems like it would get worn out pretty quickly, but it's lasted through my kiddos abuse, so I think it'll be okay.

Even I had fun playing with this a few times. I imagine you could implement this into a party game for birthdays and cookouts. You could write a prize on the fish, flip it over so the prize name is face down and let children (or adults, no one's judging) play for prizes. 

Overall, we really enjoy this game and highly recommend it! 

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