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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Innovative New Way To Apply Your Makeup

I have cosmetic brushes galore, and when it comes to applying my foundation especially, I've tried it all. Silicone applicators, brushes, sponges, my fingers... Yeah, I've tried them all. The verdict has been that brushes tend to cover better than the rest simply because sponges absorb your foundations, fingers have too much oil in them to blend properly, and those silicone applicators make my face feel like I've shellacked 10 layers of paint on my face and my pores can't breathe, although, I will say, you definitely use less product with the silicone applicators. So generally, my go-to applicator for my liquid foundation is a brush. So when I discovered that Michael Todd Beauty came out with a cosmetic brush, I was intrigued. Have I told you that I'm a Michael Todd Beauty fan? Well I am. Their Soniclear cleansing brush is used daily along with their charcoal gel cleanser. Their products are just extremely well made, high quality, and effective. 

The newest addition to their product line is the Sonicblend brush. Think of the Soniclear cleanser brush, but for makeup. It's an electronic applicator brush for powders and liquids. Meaning you can use this for foundation, bronzer, setting powder, contouring and highlighting, and I guess even concealer really. This innovative brush, when steadily gliding across your skin, will give you a flawless finish that mimics an airbrushed look. Not only will you look great, but you'll certainly use less product because you will get a more even coat and softer finish. 

Really my only complaint about this, although it's not really a complaint and more of a heads up, is that the charger for the brush is a USB cable and doesn't plug into the wall. So, if you are traveling, make sure you have an adapter or your laptop with you to charge it. I just use my plug for my iPhone, but if you don't happen to already have a plug adapter, it's a bit of a bother to always have to charge it on your computer. Definitely pick up a plug, you can get them pretty cheap! To me, it just seemed like an odd way to charge a makeup brush, but then again, I'm charging a makeup brush. Ideally, it would have been nice if I could charge it on the same base as my Soniclear cleansing brush. 

Makeup application is definitely quicker with this brush as I don't have to spend all that time blending as I would with my beauty blender sponge. Also, SonicBlend has a built in antimicrobial protection, meaning it stays cleaner and fresher much longer than my other brushes. Which is great, because I will admit that sometimes I will go long periods of time between brush cleanings and often regret it. It didn't clog my pores, and instead of caking my makeup into my fine lines and wrinkles (I have a hard time admitting I'm getting older so those words scare me), it smoothed over them flawlessly, making me look younger! 

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