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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Disney Princess PleyBox

Not only am I a huge Disney nerd, but my favorite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast. So what happens when I get contacted by a company wanting me to give their Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast themed box a try? I jump right on that!

I honestly had not heard of Pley prior to the Disney Princess box. Pley is a subscription box of toys, but they are rentable toys, meaning that once your child is done playing with them, you send them back and get a new box of toys. They have everything from Lego to Hot Wheels and of course Disney. However, their newest box, Disney Princess, is their box of toys your child can KEEP! It's a mystery box, but for their premiere box, they released not only the theme, but the contents ahead of time. I like that. It lets you know what you can expect right from the get go. From here on out, though, the box contents will be a secret. 

The Beauty and the Beast box was released just in time for the movie (which is excellent by the way, but I'm biased, of course. I saw photos online, as well as videos, of this box but was surprised to find that a few things had been different from box to box. Some boxes were blue, some were pink. Some boxes had a yellow shirt in them, some had a pink one. The cover of the magazine was different in some, and even the inside of the box (which turned into a castle playset) was different in design. I'm not entirely sure if this is just for the first box, or if all boxes will vary in design (not necessarily content). I guess we will have to wait and see on that part.

As I mentioned, the box comes with a magazine. This box, being Beauty and the Beast themed, had a B&tB story and activities in the magazine as well as various products you can find online and in the Disney store. 

It also came with 6 figures that you can use to set up scenes and imaginative play with the box that folds into a castle playset. The castle's extra pieces came in the box as well and the entire thing can be colored or painted by your child, further bringing out their creativity. I had a bit of trouble getting the castle put together. I struggled with the side pieces and the turret roofs, wouldn't stay closed no matter how hard I tried and they needed to be taped closed. Of course, maybe it's just me, too, either way, it was still quite cute. 

The shirt that came with it fit my daughter perfectly and was made of a soft material. She absolutely loved it. I have to say, I'm a bit jealous. I would have totally worn this shirt myself if it had been a little bit bigger. 

Probably the most impressive thing in the entire box was the tiara. It's sparkles and shines and is actually quite heavy for a child's tiara. I expected a lighter, cheaper plastic and what we got instead was a well made, gorgeous tiara with a bit of weight to it. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other boxes will hold. I would love to see Aladdin and Little Mermaid boxes as those are my other two favorite movies, and maybe sometime down the line they will release boxes for boys or gender neutral ones with a Disney theme to them. I think this is a really fun box overall. 

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