Simply Nerdy Mom: Shelia G's Brownie Brittle: Rich Brownie Taste With a Cookie Crisp

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shelia G's Brownie Brittle: Rich Brownie Taste With a Cookie Crisp

I think we can all agree that brownies are delicious. I think in addition to that, most of us can agree that the edges are the best part. Brownie Brittle is quite possibly the best invention I have ever run across in that it's essentially the best bits of the brownie. 

Brownie Brittle is the chocolaty version of peanut brittle and comes in many flavors such as mint chocolate, peanut butter cup, dark chocolate and sea salt, toffee, chocolate chip, and salted caramel. 

They are perfectly crisp pieces of brownie with chunks of chips, and other goodies. 

My family loves them so much that they could eat an entire bag in one sitting. I have to admit that I love them as well, but I try to be a little more mindful about it. They do remind me a lot of the crispy brownie edges, so I'm hooked on that alone. The delectable flavor is a definite bonus. 

Imagine Brownie Brittle sprinkled over ice cream or used as a crushed crust for a chocolate cheesecake? You can find even more recipes on their site, but it's not hard to get creative with these. That is, if your bag can last long enough to try a recipe! 

About Sheila G

In 1992, Sheila G. Mains, better known in the food business as Sheila G, took a treasured family recipe for fudge brownies and baked her way into a thriving business. You may even have tasted one of her rich, dense squares of heaven at some of our nation’s finest restaurants and theme parks. So, where exactly did the inspiration for her scrumptious new Brownie Brittle™ snack come from?
Like many brownie aficionados, Sheila is particularly fond of the crispy edges. In fact, on many an afternoon she would walk through the bakery gathering the crispy batter off the sides of the sheet pans as the chocolate brownies cooled in their racks. It had that same rich chocolate taste, but with an amazing crunch. That started her wondering: How could she create a whole pan of crunchy edges? Well, lucky for us, she figured it out! Now you too can satisfy your sweet tooth in a snap with Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle™ snacks!

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