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Monday, March 6, 2017

Get Your Cleanest Clean with Michael Todd Beauty

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I have had a pretty strict skin care routine since I was 19 and as I get older, I have become aware that it just gets longer and more complex than it did back then. At age 19 I was simply washing, exfoliating, and occasionally using anti aging cream. Now that I'm 32, I swear I spend at least an hour taking care of my skin both in the mornings and at night before bed. My bathroom cabinet is full of facial cleansers, facial brushes, facial masks, serums, moisturizers, chemical peels and microderm abrasion creams and gels, and makeup remover wipes. So naturally, when I use a product, not only does it have to work well, but it helps if it can eliminate at least one of the other many steps I take to keep my skin looking youthful and healthy. 

I'm not new to Micheal Todd Beauty products. I have been using their Soniclear brush for a few years now. Of course, they have since released much newer versions with various patterns and colors, including one for men. My original Soniclear still works great and I use it every day. I do need to purchase new brushes for it, but it's held up well and is on my top 10 beauty must haves list. 

I tried out their Charcoal Gel Cleanser which is primarily for oily or acne prone skin. Admittedly, my skin flip flops from dry to acne prone often. The area around my nose is ridiculously dry all the time, yet I tend to break out often around my chin. I've went an entire year now without wearing makeup regularly. I initially stopped so that I could clear up my skin for our vow renewal last fall and even though that has passed, I still only wear makeup when I go some place (although, lately not even for that), or a random Friday or Saturday "just because".  My face has stayed pretty acne free for the most part, up until a few days ago when I decided to wear makeup and broke out on my chin again. 

Since it's a gel, the cleanser is naturally thicker than other cleansers I have used, which makes it much easier lather, in my opinion. It lather's really well. That's one thing I love. With the great lather, I know it's cleansing well. It's black in color from the charcoal, and smells a little like algae or something, but I can get past that pretty quickly because this stuff really works. 

Once I lathered it up and rinsed it off, I patted my face dry with a clean hand towel and immediately I could feel that my face was softer and smoother. You can physically feel the cleanliness. Your face has a fresh feeling for hours. I have used many facial masks with charcoal in them so I already know the benefits of it. Using a cleanser with charcoal in it is like combining the charcoal facial mask and your regular cleanser. So it's almost like you can skip a step entirely. This pleases me because my time is precious and any way that I can reduce the amount of time I spend in the bathroom on my skincare, is a happy moment for me. 

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