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Monday, October 17, 2016

Perfect Shakers Hero Series {#HGG}

One of the many tools of my trade (so to speak) when it comes to my fitness obsession, is beverage bottles. I have a ton of water bottles that I take with me, just about everywhere, but I went this entire time without getting myself a shaker bottle. It's pretty hard to believe since I drink a lot of protein shakes. Previously, I had been using my tumblers, but if you know anything about protein shakes, you know that they are hard to mix up in a tumbler or your standard travel bottle.

Shaker bottles generally have a wire ball inside so when you make your powdered protein shake, you can mix everything up right in the bottle and keep it mixed through out the day, or well, the time you have your shake in the bottle at least. 

Look, I'll be real, one of the reasons I held off on adding shaker bottles to my fitness gear was because I just couldn't find any I liked the look of. On top of that, I've heard from friends that the ball rolling around in the bottle sometimes just doesn't mix things around very even and thoroughly. 

Ah, but then Perfect Shakers came into my life with their Hero Series shaker bottles. 

Perfect shakes have a wire spring attached right to the center of the cup lid. It's not permanently attached though, and can be removed by taking the center part of the lid apart. This means you can use these bottles for water or whatever else when you don't have your shakes in them. 

Other great features are the wider spout and the flip top that stays open without having to hold it open. 

These bottles are great and I love that I can show off my fandoms, because a true comic nerd looks for every opportunity to sport their favorite hero just as much as a sports fan looks to dawn their favorite team apparel. Perfect Shaker's hero logos are also made with ExtraLast UV Ink so the logo doesn't fade off from all the washings. They are 100% leak free and dishwasher safe. 

They are lightweight and although they are super portable, I would love to have some sort of handle on them or a way to attach a strap. That's just a personal preference I have with all of my fitness bottles. 

Check out and their Instagram for more! 


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