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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I just recently discovered Glossique, which makes really awesome nail decals for occasion, style, and personality.

I use to paint my nails at least once a week. I would go all out and paint intricate designs on them for holidays, conventions, and to match whatever I was wearing that day. It took so much time and they never lasted very long. Usually by the end of the day, they were all chipped up. I could sometimes make it through two or three days if I was lucky, but not too often. 
I'm a mom. I don't have time for that non sense anymore so for the most part, my nails are unpainted or if I do feel like painting them, I put a quick coat of one color, mostly light pink or the boring French manicure. 

Nail decals are now going to be my go-to when I feel like having festive nails. 

Glossique decals take only a few minutes to apply to clean nails. You just peel them off their sheet, place on nail, cut them down to size, and there you have it! Not only do they take much less time to apply, but they are festive and fun, last up to two weeks, and are easy to remove with no damage to your nails. Since they are non toxic, they are great for kiddos as well! 

The nail decal sheet I was sent to try out are one of the many Halloween themed sheets they have available. I have small hands and nails, so for the most part, they fit. I did have some trouble getting the right size for my thumb nail out of this sheet. My 9 year old daughter also tried these. Her hands are obviously much smaller than mine so the smaller decals (ones I used for my pinky and ring finger), fit on hers perfectly. 

I really put these things through the ringer. Washing dishes, scrubbing walls and floors, using a steel wool pad while name it, if I usually do it in my every day life, I tried it with these on. Not once did I have them come off or start to rip.  As a matter of fact, I have been having issues keeping my nails long lately. They keep breaking because I'm hard on them. I had an incident where one of my nails bent while I was cleaning, and these decals, I believe, kept that nail from breaking. I'm sure if the decal would not have been on it, it would have snapped the nail or at least cracked it in the corner. 

I had no trouble peeling the decals off (as you can see above). I started at the base of the nail where there was new growth and peeled it right up and off. 

I love their selection. They have everything from holiday to sports, and even Breast Cancer Awarness decals. 

Shop their super fun line at and be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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