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Friday, September 18, 2015

Scentiments Soy Scented Candles

I am one of those people who are obsessed with candles and wax melts. As a matter of fact, I was even a rep for Jewelry Candles for a little over a year. There's just something about the ambiance and light fragrance that fills your rooms that make your home so inviting and cozy. I also love to gift candles as well. 

Scentiments Scented Soy Candles make great gifts or wonderful accents in your own home or office. 

All of the candles are white in color so they match any decor and they come in 4 different scents and a couple different labels like Family, Sister, Friend, or Happy Birthday.

What's great about them is that they come with a cute little tag that matches the sort of vintage or country label on the jar and on the back, you can see that it doubles as a gift tag. 

I burned mine for about two hours and it seems to burn down clean so far, which is a huge deal for me. I don't like having to scrape the sides of my candle to get an even burn. It also helps if you make sure the wick is trimmed as well. 

I got the cinnamon scented one, which I figured would be great for fall and winter and I could pair it with my apple wax melts (which I have in my warmer in my entry way). I was hoping I could get a nice apple pie scent permeating through my house between the two, but I have to say, the cinnamon had started to get really strong after about 15 minutes. So much so that I started to get a headache. It wasn't as light as I thought, and the reason I thought it would be was because I had read other reviews saying it was barely noticeable rooms away. I'm not sure about the other scents like clean linen, vanilla, or lavender, but the cinnamon filled my entire home with a really strong scent. 

Overall, it's a nice candle, I just don't think I could burn it too long because of the very strong scent to it. 

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