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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bento Lunch Box by Lifemark Labs

I really like this bento lunch box! My son loves using because all of his foods are sectioned out and separate from each other, which, if you have a picky toddler or pre schooler, this is a god send!

I love that the lid snaps and locks on so your food isn't going to spill out when being transported making it great for lunch boxes and travel in general. My youngest and I put some small snack foods in and dropped in on the floor a couple of times to see if anything would spill out or the lid would pop off and everything stayed in place. Nothing creeped into the other sections so everything stays separated. The colors are bright and fun. One other thing I love about this box in particular is that it has bigger sections than the boxes we already have. The sections aren't as deep, but we like them to be wider rather than deeper because I often fill them with homemade mini pizzas or stuff for tacos for my kiddos and I stuff things like a fork or spoon or a small drink box in them as well because separately, they don't fit in my daughter's lunch box. As an adult, I love this too because I can have my salad in the bigger portion and things like yogurt and fruit in the smaller sections. You'll definitely want to pick a couple of these up to have around the house. It's hand to have lunches made ahead so you can just grab and go to be honest.

These boxes are very sturdy and made strong so they will last you years, if not decades and are super easy to wash. 

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