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Monday, July 27, 2015

Skinnies: The Perfect Fall Fashion

Nothing says Fall Fashion like a pair of skinny jeans, boots, and a cute cardigan. While fall is still a little ways away, it's also my favorite season and I am always looking forward to dressing in cute fall fashions. 

Check out these two pairs of skinny jeans that would compliment any style and outfit. 

Holystone Women's Skinny Soft Jeans Elastic Waist Band Pants 

These super soft jeans have a nice stretch to them making them a lot more comfortable than your usual skinny jeans. They also have an elastic waist so they kind of remind me of "jeggings". There's no buttons or zipper to mess with, just pull them on and go. They are black in color and would be great as dress pants if you wanted to pair them with a dress shirt and heels. They fit as expected when you follow the size chart. The waist band goes to about mid waist on me (I'm 5" 3' in height with a bit of a flat bum). I really think these jeans would be great for the mommy who wants to wear skinnies after having a baby, but is worried about the fit, since these do have a bit of stretch to them. They are comfortable to move around in and I don't feel constricted or have to keep pulling them up, which is a problem for girls like me who have bigger thighs. Overall, great pair of jeans!

Holystone Women's Slim Stretch Denim Jeans Navy Blue

I love these skinnies! They are a dark (navy) blue with a little bit of a shimmer to them that's not overly noticeable unless you are up close, but it really looks good, not over done. The pants have three buttons and a zipper and reach to mid waist. They have a nice stretch to them so they are comfortable to move around in and fit true to size when you follow the size chart. I have had problems with other skinny jeans in the past due to my bigger thighs wanting to pull down my pants when I walk. Good news for the curvy girls like me, these pants fit perfect in every area! No more buying pants that fit around the waist but are too small in the thigh area. These fit perfectly in every place that counts! These pictures aren't the greatest since I was trying to take them myself, but these jeans are really a lot more flattering in person.

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Disclaimer: I was provided these items either at no cost or at discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own. 

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