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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Metallic temporary tattoos are really hot right now. They look like gold and silver jewelry but you never have to worry about them falling off and getting lost while at the beach, pool, concert, or festival. They look fantastic shimmering in the sun!

They are so easy to apply. Just cut out the one(s) you want, remove the protective sheet from the front, place in desired location with print side down, and dab with a wet sponge until the sheet is just wet enough to start to see through. Don't get these too wet or the tattoo may not stick or slide around. I usually wait a few minutes for it to dry before I lowly remove the backing. 

These look really great and last (for me) a few days. How long yours lasts will depend on your activity level and how often you are in water. 

My kids love these as well! 

These are so many ways you can wear these and if you only want to wear them for a day or the weekend and need them gone in time for work on Monday, just use a little bit of baby oil to lightly rub them off. 

This particular set came with 5 sheets of various sized metallic tattoos as well as a bonus sheet. So you have enough to last all summer or you can go all out and apply a lot of them. 

It's a tattoo without the commitment! 

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