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Monday, June 8, 2015

100% Pure, French Lavender Essential Oil

Have I ever mentioned how much I love lavender? Yeah? Well, let me just mention it again... I LOVE LAVENDER!

I suffer from severe depression and anxiety which provides me with the loveliness of insomnia (that's total sarcasm). You top that with stress of two kids, a house, and other personal drama and turmoil and by the end of the night, when I should be exhausted but can't quite turn my brain off, I am looking for anything to calm and relax me enough. 

Lavender essential oil... *sigh*...where would I be without you?

I just put a few drops in my oil diffuser, take some melatonin, and grab a good book and I'm out in no time. 

Lavender essential oil can actually be used for a great number of things. As a matter of fact, my daughter had an ear ache a few weeks ago and I put a few drops on a cotton swab for inside her ear (never put the oil directly in your ear!) as well as rubbed a bit down her neck from her ear to her throat and she woke up feeling so much better. You can even dab a few drops on as a perfume and use it in scrubs and lotions.  

I'm still pretty new to this essential oils fad, but lavender oil is one that I try to keep on hand at all times simply because it smells incredible and it's my favorite thing to put in my diffuser. 

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