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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Date Crates

Date Crates are a fun monthly box that provides you with everything you need to plan a great date night with the one you love.

 There are 6 themed date boxes to choose from including Latte Love, Puppy Love, Relax & Unwind, Sushi Master, Pop N' Box, and Glamping. The idea of Date Crates is that just because you are married, does not mean you shouldn't spend time alone together doing fun things and enjoying each other's company. For many couples, dating stops after the wedding. I think it's important to invest time in your relationship, which can often times be hard due to children and work schedules. Although the idea came about for married couples, these are also great boxes for couples who aren't married. 

I chose to try out the Pop N' Box crate because my husband and I's favorite way to unwind and spent time together is watching movies. We have a date night once a month where we go out to a theater and see a new movie, but we also like to have movie dates at home as well. After the kids go to bed, we push the coffee table to the side of the living room, lay blankets and pillows on the floor and have an indoor picnic while we watch Netflix or Hulu. For this reason, I knew the movie themed crate would be great to try.

The Pop N' Box crate ended up having all kinds of goodies for our next date night including candy, popcorn, popcorn seasonings, popcorn containers, a coupon code for a free Redbox movie, and something I never expected: A popcorn popper! 

You can't have a movie date night without popcorn and this Whitley Pop hand crank popcorn popper adds the perfect touch because you can also pop the popcorn together! 

I think the popcorn containers are adorable as well. We have a huge popcorn bucket we use when we pop popcorn and we just share the bucket, but I think the containers are really handy if you want to use the different popcorn seasonings or add some of your candies to your popcorn. This way, each of you can have different popcorn flavors.

Obviously my kiddos love the popcorn containers, too! My son loves to eat almost any snack you can think of out of theses so they get a ton of use beyond just date night. 

Speaking of kiddos and date night, we often times like to have family date night as well which gives us an opportunity to spend quality time together as a family either playing games or watching Disney movies. So I think that this box in particular could also be used as a family as well. The kids can have their own popcorn containers and mom and dad can share a bucket or bowl! 

Stick with your favorite theme every time you order or switch it up and try a new theme each month. 

To learn more or to purchase a Date Crate go to

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