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Monday, May 25, 2015

Polar Gel Pillow: It's Always the Cooler Side of the Pillow

Are you always turning your pillow to the cooler side because you just get too warm? I know I always have that problem, which is why I was stoked to try out this Polar Gel Pillow

This gel pillow comes with a bandanna/scarf that you can also stick in the fridge and wear to help you cool off as well as two straps to keep your gel pillow in place. 

You can use it over top of your pillow case or inside between your pillow and the case. I prefer it inside the pillow case. 

It definitely keeps you cool! I have pretty long hair and I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because I have been sweating from the heat and the massive amount of hair I am always laying on. This gel pillow prevents all that. I can get a better nights sleep. It's a bit heavy, and doesn't have much cushion to it, but to be honest, in the summer time, I'm more concerned with keeping cool. 
You can put the pillow itself in your refrigerator or freezer to cool it down even more if you would like and if it's too cool, just place a folded towel over it.

I also know that if you suffer from migraines, a lot of times, a cool washcloth on the forehead or over the eyes helps. This gel pillow along with the bandanna would work great for relieving migraine pain.

I even went one step farther and let my mom review it. She's frequently suffers from night sweats and because of that, she has a hard time sleeping at night as well. She has used this and told me that it helped her out a great deal when a hot flash would come on.

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