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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dork Side Toys: Why The Anger of A Nerdy Blogger Is Never A Good Business Move

I may be a mom, but I'm also pretty nerdy and tend to be really passionate about things that make me geek out. One of those things are POP! Vinyl toys. POPs have a pretty large group of collectors and we tend to be pretty picky. Some collectors are very strict on how to display their POPs (out of box or in box), making sure the proper stickers are on the box, and even the slightest defect in the packaging can send a collector into a tizzy. What can I say? We are crazy obsessed with these things and with some of them valued in the hundreds, I think it's fair that a lot of collectors are crazy picky about their collection. 

Wait, what are POP! Vinyl Figures? 

These adorable little things modeled after various pop culture icons spanning from television, movies, games, and comic books, just to name a few. 

The craze basically puts you in the mind of Beanie Babies, except, most of those turned out to be worthless. These have proven to not only hold value, but some of the rare and variant pieces are so hard to find that they can go for upwards of a couple hundreds of dollars when they generally are anywhere between $10 to $30 to start with. Some are pretty gigantic, some come in character packages with other figures, some come with cars, and just like Pringles, once you POP, you can't stop.  

I've only been collecting for about a year and have managed to accumulate 36 of them with three on pre order. A pretty modest collection compared to some, but the realization that I was slightly obsessed came on April 11th when I ended up leaving Steel City Con with a bag of 7 of them. 

My obsession goes a little bit beyond just collecting these things because they are cute. I'm a Disney nerd. A pretty die hard Disnerd at that. So when I found out that they were releasing  two new Cinderella POP! Vinyls from the new live action movie, I was pretty excited. The one that really caught my eye was Gus Gus in Cinderella's Slipper. The hype was pretty big. Being a collector for a while now, and also being in many collectors groups on Facebook, I thought it be best to pre order it. You never know if it may become a rare someday and as I've learned, either you get it when it first comes out with a price tag of $10 or you risk possibly having to sell a kidney for it later. 

Now, I checked out other sites pricing and payment options before finally settling on Dork Side Toys for my pre order. I hadn't heard anything negative about them so I figured, why not. They were cheaper with shipping (at the time) and they took Paypal. 

Ship date for what would end up being my second favorite figure (next to Beauty and the Beast's Lumière, of course) was slated for March 16th. I placed my order on February 9th. Only a few weeks wait, right?

Oh if only you could see me shaking my head right now.

March 16th came and went. As a matter of fact, I waited clear into April 1st before I decided to ask around my fellow collectors. Word was that release date got pushed back to the beginning of April. Well okay then, so my precious should be on my doorstep soon. 

Yeah, no.

A week passed and my Facebook newsfeed was filled with photos of people who's Gus Gus had finally arrived. Then came photos of the Gus Gus variant that people were finding in Hot Topic stores all over the United States. I decided to check Amazon and sure enough, I found this:

Now, this screenshot was just taken today, but I came to find out that it was available with two day shipping (I have Prime) and on top of that, it was cheaper than I paid Dork Side Toys.

So I took to email to inquire as to if they had a tracking number that I had somehow missed. Before I did that, though, I looked up the figure on the site and their ship date changed from March to April. Fair enough. So I emailed them and got a lovely (snotty is more like it) response that simply said "You will get it when we get it"

Oh isn't that lovely? They sure are peaches to talk to.

So okay, I guess I'll wait, I thought.

Lets fast forward to today (April 28th) when I decided to check on their site for any kind of update. Oh there was an update alright...

Oh so now it arrives in May, huh? Right and I'm sure in May it will arrive in June and in June it will be here in July, see where this is going, don't you? It's available literally everywhere else, so how is it, that they have not managed to obtain them yet? Even Funko, the company that makes them, has them available everywhere so it's not like they are all of a sudden hard to come by. Pre order generally means that you get the item as soon as it's released. Why on earth would I waste time and money to pre order something and be sitting here months after it's released, still waiting for it. Kind of defeats the purpose now doesn't it? Further more, from a business standpoint, I feel it's dishonest to take pre orders for an item when you can not even guarantee that your buyers will ever see that item. Kind of has scam written all over it, doesn't it?

The complete irony of all this is that their name is Dork Side Toys. Dork, being slang for a particular piece of male anatomy, seems pretty fitting. I mean, I guess they got that part right. 

Naturally, I wrote a "nice" little email describing my irritability with the situation and requesting my money back so I may "take my business elsewhere".  Based on their response to my last email, I can't wait to see what kind of response I will get back to this one. 

As for Male Anatomy Side Toys, I've learned that this is a regular thing for them. Many have never received their items and if they did, it was upwards of 6 months before they finally got it. Basically, I would not give these "Richards" a single dime for any reason or in any environment (they do conventions, too). 

Congratulations, Penile Side Toys, the anger of a nerdy mom blogger with a rather large (and growing) following is never a good business move. 

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