Simply Nerdy Mom: Click-A-Brick Army Defenders 100pc Set Review

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Click-A-Brick Army Defenders 100pc Set Review

If your kids love building things and using their imagination, they will love these Click-A-Brick sets!

Click-A-Brick Army Defenders is a 100 piece set that helps develop hand eye coordination and to be honest, is fun for the entire family. My husband was ecstatic about us receiving this. He likes to build things and he loves army stuff. So one evening after dinner, him and our daughter sat down to build.

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The bricks have various square pegs and square holes to lock them together and are mostly square and rectangle shaped. There are a few triangle shapes in there and some wheels. They are a pretty decent size, not too tiny.

There really are a lot of pieces in this set. My husband chose to build the robot and I believe he used every single piece. 
It comes with an instruction booklet and instructions to build any of these 10 things. You are probably going to use all of the bricks on just one project, but obviously your child doesn't have to follow the instruction booklet. Part of being a kid and the fun of building things is using your imagination. 

I know Click-A-Brick has other sets, and I'm not sure what it's like with those ones, but my husband stated that he had slight trouble figuring out some of the steps in the book. I will agree that for a few of the steps, you really had to sit and look at for a bit to figure out where a few of the pieces go. Maybe the robot wasn't a good one to start out with. All the other project instructions didn't seem as bad. 

After about an hour, he did manage to finish it and it's actually pretty big. The arms of the robot move and it's just a really cool piece. I think my husband may have enjoyed putting it together more than my daughter did! 

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