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Monday, April 27, 2015

Chefcoo Kitchen Utensil Set

Chefcoo Kitchen Utensils Set comes with a pizza cutter, bottle opener, can opener, tea strainer, ice cream scoop, grater, peeler, and a handy rotating base to store all of them. It has a flower design on them that I think wouldn't really appeal to everyone and maybe they need to have a more basic design or different designs to choose from. 

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Speaking honestly, I was greatly disappointed with this set. I liked the set initially upon seeing it before it arrived and I like the idea of all my most used utensils within reach on my counter top instead of being buried in a drawer. However, despite being stainless steel, they have a really cheap feel to them. I would say that this seems more like a set you would get at a discount store and not a higher end kitchen product store. 

The ice cream scoop for example is very thin and I feel isn't going to last very long. I use to have a plastic ice cream scoop that was thicker and sturdier than this one and it snapped in half while trying to scoop out some harder ice cream. So if it snapped in half easily despite being better made than this, then I really don't have very high hopes for this set. The grater easily bends in your hands as well so using it on cheese or veggies without bending and breaking doesn't seem very likely. 

I wanted to like this set and the handles are actually really well made and fit great in your hand, but the stainless steel parts are really thin and bend very easily. I just do not feel that this set would hold up very long especially if you use these on a regular basis. It's not the typical quality I would expect from Chefcoo and that's disappointing. 

However, I will say that this would still make a good set for someone just starting out on their own. 

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