Simply Nerdy Mom: Save The Date: Free Comic Book Day 2015!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Save The Date: Free Comic Book Day 2015!

Free Comic Book Day is a huge deal to anyone who loves comic books. It was started in 2002 and is an annual event that takes place the first Saturday in May at your local comic shop. Not only is a big deal for those who already love comic books, but it's a fun and free way to get kids into comic books which also helps promote a love of reading!

My husband and I attend Free Comic Book Day events at "The Swap"  every year where the line sometimes wraps around the entire interior of the store, out the door and down the block. Not only can you get great comic books for free, but another huge part of the event is the cosplay! Many event goes, and even some promoters, dress up as their favorite comic book characters with a lot of shops holding fun contests and activities. It's been called "Christmas for comic nerds" and yes, it basically is! What's more fun than dressing up and joining fellow comic lovers for a day of freebies? 

Free Comic Book Day is also a great way for newer and independent artists to get their name and their work out there. 

The selection of books varies each year and by store (some stores buy all 50 books which is the Gold package and some only get the Silver package). Here's the list of this years titles and be sure to find a participating shop near you by clicking the link below!
















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