Simply Nerdy Mom: SuppressMint: 3-Hour Craving Control Breath Mint Review

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SuppressMint: 3-Hour Craving Control Breath Mint Review

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SuppressMints are the worlds first appetite suppressant mints that help control food cravings. The instructions state that once you put the mint in your mouth, you are to maneuver it up between your top lip and upper gums. The mint will slowly start to dissolve for up to three hours. The idea behind this is that by having the mint in your mouth, you provide a sense of gratification and satisfaction that will curb your cravings. In addition, even the mere scent of peppermint is known to reduce hunger. 

I think it's great that they send you two little travel containers so that you can easily take some of the mints with you without carrying around the medium sized bottle. 

The mints are about the same size as a children's aspirin which makes them less noticeable stuck up in your cheek. You'll notice it's there, but others won't see a big honkin' mint stuck up in your gums. 

On the plus side, it really does curb your appetite as obviously you aren't going to want to eat anything while you have this mint in your mouth. 

If you are interested in trying out SuppressMints, however, you can purchase them by clicking the link below!

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