Simply Nerdy Mom: Seeds of Love Greeting Cards (10 Packs) Review

Monday, February 9, 2015

Seeds of Love Greeting Cards (10 Packs) Review

I've often given flowers for occasions, but they never last long. These seed packets are not only a greeting, but they are also a great alternative to fresh flowers. There are 10 packets (two of each greeting) and all of them have the same flower mix in them consisting of Delphinium, Zinnia, Calendula, Celosia, and sunflowers. 

This seems to be a mix of mostly annuals, but the Delphinium is typically a perennial meaning it will continue to grow back while the rest only last the year/season. They are also different heights with sunflowers growing the tallest as well as full sun plants. This might make it a bit harder for some to plant in an appropriate spot. The colors in the mix vary, of course, but based on my knowledge of these particular flowers, there seems to be more yellows and oranges in the mix than any other color. However, like I said, this will vary as this is a random mix of flower seeds. One packet may have more of one particular color than another packet.

The greetings themselves are "I love you", "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", Congratulations" and "Happy Holidays". The packets are brightly decorated with flowers, birds, and various accents to make them more visually appealing than your average seed packets.

Purchase this 10 pack of Greeting Card Seeds by clicking the link below!

*Disclaimer: I received this product in order to provide you, my reader, with an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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