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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Landscape Laser Light 1/13 Review

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This landscape laser light by Quality Products provides festive lighting for holidays and parties. It projects thousands of tiny laser lights up to hundreds of feet to light up trees, pools, landscaping areas, as well as the side of your home. It has heavy duty aluminum housing and waterproof electrical connectors.  

It's a pretty small unit, but does give off a ton of light. It comes with a stake to secure it into the ground, but I didn't attach it at first because it's far too cold outside, with snow on the ground, so I wasn't going to be testing it outdoors just yet. The light is adjustable, and I had it facing upwards towards my ceiling, but had it pointed down to get a better picture of it. The cord is completely removable as well. You just unscrew the connector and pull it out of the light itself. I ordered the blue one and look at this spectacular display!

It's far prettier in person, but it looks like millions of tiny stars on my ceiling and walls. I'm really happy that I chose the blue for this reason. I was even thinking of putting one in each of my kids' rooms to give the effect of stars in their room. My son even has a space themed room so it works perfectly. 

The lights also come in green and a red and green mix:

The instructions say there's a remote that's optional to give different effects, but I couldn't test that part of it out because no remote was included and there's no way to order one from what I could see. That's rather unfortunate because I would really like to see what other functions this light has. I guess for some people, that's a pretty big down side to spending the $100 on this one light. However, the light is pretty enough that it kind of doesn't bother me much. 

The cord isn't that long either so you are going to need an extension cord unless you are one of those people who have outdoor electrical outlets all through your yard on those tiny stakes. The people that do that are usually the ones who decorate their entire yard for holidays though. The average person doesn't run electrical wires underground and all over their yard. 

They are really awesome lights and if you can afford one (or more) of them, I really recommend them. The amount of light and distance these tiny lights give off is really impressive.  

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