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Monday, January 12, 2015

Glow 2 Go Review + Giveaway

I am one of those people who can't tan. Or at least, I can't tan very easily. I remember as a kid playing outside all day during the summers with the neighbor kids and while they got tanner as the days went by, I stayed the same pasty white color. As a teen I would lay out and even use tan accelerator to no avail. I burnt once, but then went back to white instead of the burn fading into a tan. My entire life people were always asking me if I was feeling alright because I was so pale. Eventually, I just gave up on the golden glow.

Last spring, I was lucky enough to get my first tan ever in my 30 years of life and to my utter shock, I still have a bit of it and it is now January! I enjoyed the healthy glow I had all summer long, but unfortunately it was at the cost of my health. That glow came directly from the suns rays and as everyone knows, too much sun can be extremely harmful. Tanning beds are not a wise solution either as 45 minutes in a tanning bed can equal 24 hours in the sun. Ouch!

What healthy solutions are there? Well, there's spray tanning, if you can afford to have it done, but that also takes time that a lot of us mommies don't have. There are lotions as well which could be a blessing or they could be a curse. Lotions need to be applied evenly as to prevent streaking and that's a bit difficult since you can't see where the lotion has been applied until after it dries. Lotions also take quite a while to dry and be absorbed, meaning you basically have to walk around naked for about a half hour to an hour otherwise it'll turn your clothing brown. Another problem with many lotions is that they don't give you a natural glow. They have more of an orange tint to them or they are just way too dark to look natural on those of us with naturally pale skin. That leaves us with tanning wipes.

I personally prefer tanning wipes to any other method. With the wipes, it's easier to get a more even tan with little to no streaking. If you notice a spot you missed once it's dry, just take another wipe and wipe only that spot. This would be a lot harder to do with lotions because as you rub the lotion in, you are going to get more over the spots that are already tan and make those areas darker. Essentially, just making your streaking worse.

Glow2Go tanning wipes by Thermalabs makes tanning so much easier!

You get 20 wipes in a box for a fraction of the cost you would pay for other brands that only come with 6 wipes. So it's definitely more bang for your buck. They are individually wrapped and come in a handy box that allows you to only pull one at a time out.

They are extremely convenient as well because you can throw a few in your purse for an instant tan anywhere.

The wipes are what is called half-body wipes where other brands sell full-body wipes. With half body wipes, you don't have to waste an entire wipe just to do your legs and no worries about the wipe drying out before you get to do the rest of your body which is a common problem with full body wipes. Do a little or do a lot, that's up to you. If you do decide to do your entire body, just grab two wipes from the package and go to town.

Thermalabs special formula gives you a nice, natural tan without looking like a carrot and the tanning is more gradual. It's safe to apply daily so if you decide to go darker, just keep applying until you reach your desired tone.

These were my results after one application. You can really see the results better in person, but as you can tell, it gave me a natural glow and I don't look nearly as pale as I did before using them. As a matter of fact, these wipes would have been great during the summer when my legs tanned only on the front side. The wipes, when applied once, were the exact same shade that my legs were over the summer and I could have used them to do the backs of my legs to make what little of a tan I did get, more even!

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