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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get A More Natrual, Healthy Glow Without The Risks!

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If you are anything like me, it's hard to tan naturally, or almost more impossibly. Or maybe you just like to have a healthy glow all year long. Maybe you like to have the look of a sun kissed skin, but don't want the risks associated with tanning. Welcome to the world of self tanner.

What makes Thermalabs self tanning lotion better and unlike other tanners on the market is their organic formula. After all, you are putting this on your skin and you want as many natural ingredients as possible. This formula creates a subtle glow without giving you that orange "fake tan" look which means no more noticeable streaks. The lotion definitely gives the illusion that you've been laying on a beach sipping margaritas. Final color obviously depends on skin tone and is not going to be the same tone on every body. What it does is squeeze the natural skin tone and darkens it so no two people get the same results. It's truly a one of a kind formula. There's no point in it, which means no more stained cloths or sheets!

This is my before and after. I applied it two days in a row to get a deeper color.

If you want a darker tone after the first application, just apply again in 24 hours. 

For optimal results, it's best to shave and exfoliate the skin 24 hours before applying the lotion. You should also wait about 5-10 minutes before putting clothes on to make sure it's absorbed into the skin. Once it's on, it takes about 4 hours to set. This is why I usually put it on before bed. When I wake up, I wake to golden tanned legs! It doesn't run or get streaky if you are in the shower or out in the rain either, thankfully. I love that it doesn't have a strong, obnoxious self tanner odor either. 

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