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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Essential Oils: Peppermint

The second essential oil I started using is peppermint oil by Majestic Pure. Unlike the coconut oil, this essential oil has a very potent peppermint scent to it, which makes it perfect for household use as well as making sugar scrubs (which I will be doing a post about as soon as I acquire the jars) and lip balms. 

Peppermint oil is used to aid in digestion, easing stomach discomfort, reduce hunger, reduce headaches, and even raises energy levels!

Here are a few more uses for peppermint oil:

~Ants and spiders hate the smell of peppermint. Add a few drops to some cotton balls and wipe around any openings or areas they may come in (windows, doors). The peppermint will prevent them from entering the house. 

~Peppermint oil on cotton balls also keeps mice away!

~Mix the peppermint oil with a little water and tea tree oil and use as a disinfectant. 

~Add a few drops to your vacuum filter for a fresh peppermint scent every time you vacuum your floors.

~Swish peppermint oil with some epsom salts and water in a spray bottle and spray on your dogs to keep fleas away. 

~Peppermint oil can be used to remove ticks! Just put some on the end of a cotton swab and dab around the head of the tick to remove it from the skin.

~Add it to a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture to make your own whitening toothpaste.

And that's just a small list of benefits of using peppermint oil!

If you would like to purchase peppermint essential oil by Majestic Pure, you can find it on Amazon for $14.50 (4oz) with Prime.

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