Simply Nerdy Mom: Angel Wings Ornament From a Dryer Sheet Box!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Angel Wings Ornament From a Dryer Sheet Box!

The Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft something holiday themed from a Snuggle dryer sheet box.

Challenge accepted, Snuggle Bear!

I'm usually pretty creative when it comes to upcycling things, but I was pretty stumped on how to reuse a dry sheet box in a more creative way than just covering it with paper and using it to store pencils or making a card box.

As I was on Pinterest one night, pinning all the things, I found a really awesome tutorial on how to make those large wooden decorative angel wings that typically sell for upwards of $80. That's what gave me my idea for this mission. I figured, if you could make life size ones to decorate your home, why not mini ones for on your Christmas tree...and out of cardboard nonetheless!

Materials you'll need:
Snuggle dryer sheet box
white paint
white glitter or glitter glue
paint brush

I started out with this here dryer sheet box, Which still smelled good, by the way. I went ahead and unattached all the parts of the box that were glued together so the box would lay flat. Basically, I deconstructed the entire box. 

Next, I free handed a set of angel wings on the cardboard and cut it out. 

You could stop at just the one, but I made two to put back to back so the Snuggle Bear, although adorable, would not show in the completed project.

You could glue them if you choose to do so, but I just taped them. No one is going to see the tape anyways once it's done.

Next, I made little "feathers" out of the cardboard buy cutting "U" shapes and gluing them onto the wings overlapping them a bit. This was really the most time consuming part of the entire project.

I then covered the wings in a couple of coats of white paint. One coat of thin paint will give it a more "rustic" look, but I put about three coats on to cover more of the cardboard. You could also paint the back of the wings as well once the front dries. 

I brushed on a bit of glitter glue after the paint dried. Here you can see what it looked like right after I did that. You could sprinkle on some loose glitter while the paint is still wet as well, but all I had was glitter glue.

Once the entire thing dried, I attached a ribbon to the back to hang it. 

It actually looks more like wood than cardboard, which is pretty cool and it looks a lot better in person. Really, my crappy camera does not do this justice.

This actually had me thinking about all the different ways I could make these. I'm sure you could glue fabric onto the wings as "feathers" instead of cardboard, or even paper. There's a world of possibilities.

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