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Monday, December 22, 2014

Red Brick Candle | Loft Collection Review

Red Brick Candle Company makes fragrant, beautiful, candles for the modern home with a focus on simplicity, charm, and sophistication. All the candles in their current line are designed to be burned together to give rich candlescapes that add the perfect touch of warmth that brings your home that cozy, relaxed, ambiance. 

Loft Collection

Currently the only collection they have are the Loft candles which come in three different scents. 

No. 1 | A deep blend of warm maple and rich vanilla
No. 2 | Spicy cinnamon bark with hints of orange zest, clove and nutmeg
No. 3 | Lush purple and white lilac coupled with jasmine and sweet vanilla

They are working on many more scents to add to this collection as well as expanding to Manor, Farmhouse, Bungalow, and Cottage collections which I am really excited about.

Loft collection

The packaging of these candles are of high quality and ready to be gifted! The outer lid of the box has a nice brick design with "Loft" written across two corners in large print. The inner portion of the box is black with an attached lid. 

Each candle scent goes by a number, 1-3, and are in jars that have a simple design on them as well as the same white color so that they fit any decor. 

Loft Collection

The scent description is written right on the front of the jar and they even send matches with each one. 

Loft Collection

The scent is nice and light, not too over powering, and they burn evenly with no smoke or soot as long as you properly keep the candle wick trimmed to 1/4 inch during every use. Another great thing about Red Brick Candles is that they give candle care instructions right on their site to help you get the best and longest use from your candles. I love the design and scent of these candles so much that I ordered some as Christmas gifts! 

You can purchase these on Red Brick Candles and Amazon for $32.00 with Prime.

Also, be sure to connect with Red Brick Candles on the following sites to be updated on new releases!

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