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Friday, December 12, 2014

Oz Naturals Review

Oz Naturals is a company who specializes in skin care products aimed at helping you keep a healthier, younger appearance. They use all natural/organic ingredients and each one of their products undergo extensive clinical testing.

The Vitamin C Cleanser  is a really great anti-aging cleanser and probably one of the best I've ever used. I use it with my Soniclear by Michale Todd True Organics and it gives a deep clean while providing vitamins and minerals that help my skin really glow. It's a cloudy colored gel with no scent and there are no irritants in it like a lot of the scented facial washes seem to have. You get a deep clean without having to use those rough microderm abrasive cleansers.

I use their Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer after cleansing and applying my serums. It moisturizes my dry skin while brightening it and helps replenish my skin so it looks as good as it did 10 years ago. It's kind of an  off putting color but the scent isn't too bad so I can look past the color of it. I love that I look more awake after long term use of this and many of the other Oz Naturals products. I'm a mom that rarely gets enough sleep and these products have eliminated that mombie look I was rocking for far too long.

All of the Oz Naturals products, when used together give optimal results and really reduce the signs of aging. I'm asked all the time how I stay looking so young and I have these products to thank for that. 

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