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Monday, December 1, 2014

My Social Book

Last year my friends and I somehow managed to accumulate over 10K comments on one of my posts on Facebook. We had considered how awesome it would be to get it published so we could look back on it and laugh, because the entire thing was hilarious. That's when it seemed like the Social Media Gods smiled down upon me. There, at the side of my screen was an ad for My Social Book. My Social Book is a yearbook of sorts that chronicles your facebook posts! Comments on posts, photos, timeline posts from friends, just about anything you have o your timeline can be chronicled in this book. I think it's a really awesome concept to be honest and luckily, I had a chance to make one and review it for you guys!

I don't remember choosing hardback, but that's how it came so I'm not going to complain! This particular book chronicles November 25th, 2013 - November 30th, 2014. I don't remember picking November 30th as an end date either as that day literally just happened and I got this a few weeks ago. That would have been pointless. At any rate, I wanted to do more variety for you guys than just one post accumulated throughout 200 pages. 

The web site at times wouldn't give me a preview of my book which can be frustrating. However, it gives you the option to go in and select which things you want in the book and which you want left out. I liked this because then I didn't have to search my actual profile and delete things on there. You very quickly accumulate pages and to be quite frank, the book is not cheap. $50 gets you *around* 100 pages with a paperback cover, but that's the amount I was working with and I had a very hard time getting only 100 pages to reach the $50 limit I was working with. If budget isn't an issue, you can probably do an entire year and make a bigger book. 

The option is there to also only have photos in your book and make it strictly a photo album of all the photos you've posted to your page, or if you have a business, you can make a book highlighting your business page. 

I like the variety. It shows you the comments for each post and how many likes you got on it. The only thing they leave out though, which is a huge bummer when it comes to my future endeavor of having my 10K post published, is that photo comments aren't included. 

I thought the pages would be glossy, but they look more like they were printed from a laser jet printer in someone's office. That kind of takes away from the overall quality of the book, in my opinion. HOWEVER, I'm convinced that if they were photo glossy pages, that the book would be even more expensive and so I'm willing to settle on the lesser quality pages. I also noticed that there is a lot of blank space in the book. They could have condensed it a bit to fit more in it and it would have cost less. maybe that was intentional? Either way, there were one or two pages that had just one photo or one status update on it and the rest of the page was completely blank.

I post a lot of hilarious status updates and my friends are always saying I need to write a book. Well guess what? I basically have! Apparently there's an option to have a book made of a friends profile as well. I'm not quite sure what all is able to go into that one, as I obviously didn't try it, but it's a great option if you want to gift this to someone. 

Overall, I would say I'm happy with it. There' a few gripes, but I'm sure those gripes come about from me being on my school's yearbook staff for 2 years and I just expected it to be more like my $89 High School Yearbooks. 

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