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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet Lulu Digital Crayon Stylus And Free App

Meet Lulu is an adorable 3-in-1 product for kids with a cute array of characters that teach recycling habits. You get a physical coloring book that is made from 100% recycled material, a stylus crayon, and an app that coincides with the coloring book that you can use the stylus with. The set encourages creativity and helps develop those fine motor skills. 

The activity book and stylus crayon come together and you can download app for free on Amazon for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and more. You can also download the app from the website as well as color pages right there online!

The stylus looks like a real crayon and is great for little hands. It's a spongy material so it's not going to scratch up your devices. The only downside I've discovered is that it seems a little too large to be used on smart phones with the smaller screens. It's best used on tablets. 

The photos on the pages are large and fun to color. Each page has a QR code at the top that you can scan with your tablet or mobile device and your child can color that picture using their stylus as many times as they like. When they are done, they can share their masterpiece with family using the share button in the app.

Your kids can also color in the book and use the app to scan their colored page. Once scanned, their artwork from the page is transfered to the app for them to finish coloring on the go! It's perfect for road trips or at the doctors office to keep them occupied. 

My son is two and he loves to color. The idea that not only could both of my kids color the same page (and multiple times) was perfect because they wouldn't have to fight over pictures. I was also excited about the app for my two year old because as toddlers do, sometimes they don't color just in their coloring books. This combined two of his favorite things, the tablet and coloring, but without the little masterpieces to clean off the walls and furniture later. 

You can also order extra stylus crayons or, if you prefer, you can order just the stylus crayon and you can still download the app for free. No need to purchase the coloring book if you don't want to.

Painting Lulu makes a great gift for birthday's and holidays!

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