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Monday, December 1, 2014

LOUD ABOUT: A Game Of Action Memory

LOUD ABOUT is a great new card game sure to be a hit at your next party!

It's a fast paced memory and reaction game where players players will say and do wild and hilarious things. Ideal for both family parties and late night shenanigans. 

It's similar to the games Charades and Slapjack in that the players must select actions and words to be "loud about". The goal is to act out and shout out those actions and words quicker than your opponents. 

The game is quick and only takes about 15 minutes to play one round. The game is targeted towards ages 8+ and is best played with 3-8 players. The best part is that there is an adult expansion pack as well! 

Game Play

You begin the game by selecting 2 categories from the Category cards. Each player comes up with a unique action and word relating to the selected categories. You must try to remember the actions and words chosen by your opponents.
Taking turns clockwise, you will draw a card from the game deck and flip it face up in front of you. Players with matching objects must race to recall the actions and words of their rival. The first to successful act out and shout out their rival's actions and words wins the opponent's top card and keeps it as a point.
The game ends when the game deck is exhausted. The player with the most points wins.

Object Cards and Swap Cards

Category Cards 

The Adult Expansion

There is a special "adult" deck of 30 category cards. These cards are perfect if you want to spice things up with actions and words for a more grown-up crowd.

Adult Cards

You can check out a demo of the game below:

The game is currently in it's Kickstarter phase with lots of really great incentives for backers. 
If you would like to help back LOUD ABOUT or just learn more about the game or it's creator, Jeff Lai, you can do so >> HERE

The game has reached 25% of it's goal with 21 days to go. Let's help Jeff reach his goal! 

Also check out LOUD ABOUT on

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