Simply Nerdy Mom: Latex Waist Cincher Shapewear Review

Monday, December 29, 2014

Latex Waist Cincher Shapewear Review

Waist cinchers are a pretty handy garment for any woman, but it's especially handy for us mothers that will always have that baby pouch no matter how much we diet and exercise. Waist cinchers have also shown to help get your pre baby body back a lot quicker postpartum.  Cinchers help shrink your uterus back to normal size and helps heal abdominal muscles much quicker. They also increase posture and some say help decrease appetite. 

I'm no stranger to waist slimming garments as I regularly wear corsets both in every day attire as well as costuming.  That being said, I want to use this opportunity to talk about the difference between the two. 

A lot of people think that cinchers and corsets are one in the same when in fact, they are very different. Granted, they do help slim the waist and can train your body to "stay put" in certain areas, but that's about as far as it goes. 

Cinchers are ideal for wearing under your clothing and you can even wear a corset over one. Cinchers also are made to be worn while you are working out or even while you sleep. Corsets are a little troublesome in that area. While you can find corsets that can be worn under clothing, they are generally a lot harder to hide than a cincher. 

I lost a fairly large amount of weight after having my son and will probably always have the "mommy pouch"unless I foot the bill for a tummy tuck and who knows, at some point I might. I also happen to have went a little overboard on the holiday goodies between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and I still have New Years to get through!) and unfortunately managed to gain 10 pounds in addition to the 10 I was already trying to lose to get to my goal weight. The above pictures are basically my every day struggle since becoming a mommy. Believe it or not, those pants are actually one size too big and won't stay up, but because of the "mommy pouch", I look like a busted can of biscuits. You can see from the second pic that I'm actually not that "big" but I've always had a muffin top. Even when I weighed 98 pounds pre kiddos (yeah, I was pretty tiny) I had a muffin top without clothes on. It's just the way my body is built, unfortunately. 

See, that's a picture of skinny little me from about 11 or 12 years ago. Before you even ask, I have no idea what I was thinking when I dressed myself back then. I really should not have been allowed to, to be honest. 

But I digress...

The LMB (Love My Body) cincher I received is 100% latex fused with colored fabric on top and soft cotton fabric on the inside for max comfort. There are two flex boning rods in the front and back to ensure that everything stays in place. The flexibility of the rods allows free movement of your body as well as added comfort. There are also two rows of hooks to adjust fit.

This was my attempt at wearing this cincher. Now, obviously, you can see that it's not really fitting the way it should and its not because it's too small. I actually ordered the right size (which I recommend ordering one size up as I did because they run small for obvious reasons). It fits exactly as it should in the middle and it's not tight at all. Well, let me rephrase that... It's snug but it's not strangling me like the picture makes it seem. The issue is that it's actually too SHORT for my torso. I'll get more into that here in a moment.

Here is a front photo of it under a fairly form fitting shirt. As you can see, it's not really "invisible" under my shirt. If you are wearing layers or loose fitting clothes, then you probably won't see the cincher, but then really, what's the point? Most women go for cinchers when they want to look "smoothed out" while wearing fitted clothing. 

You can see that it does give me more curves and make my breasts look a lot bigger and rounder, and lets face it, more  fabulous! It was almost like I had my baby boobs back only without the suffocation and back pains. 

Okay so here's the first photo where you can see that it's far too short in the torso for me. There's about a two inch gap between the cincher and the waist of my pants and the cincher sticks out instead of sucking in the mommy pouch. So I thought, okay, maybe I need to pull it down a bit because that's my troubled area and not the area that's right under my ribs.

So I pull it down to cover my muffin top and mommy pouch and while it sucked all that in, it gave me this unsightly atrocity! I have back fat where I've never had back fat. Instead of sucking everything in, it pushed it all out the top and bottom of the cincher leaving me to come to the conclusion that if I really want this to work properly, I need to purchase one with a little more length to it. The cincher should fit just under my boobs and extend to my waist/hips, depending of course on how I prefer to wear it. 

I found this photo on their facebook page, which very obviously shows that while the lady is standing very straight, there's a bit of a bulge in the back which can be seen just under her upper arm in the photo. That's not a natural look. There are cinchers that have high backs on them if you are looking to rid yourself of that problem though so it's not entirely impossible to tame that area. 

Generally, better posture alone will help you look thinner even without a cincher, but the cincher helps train you to stand and sit better to make that more possible. 

Overall, despite it being too short, the cincher does work. My cautionary tale here is to not only make sure you measure your waist properly in order to get a proper fit, but make sure to measure your torso length as well when considering the purchase of a cincher. I hadn't considered this because I'm short in general and even corsets are sometimes too long for me. If your trouble area is higher on your torso, the short cincher will work just fine, However, if you have a troublesome lower area, I would go with the longer cincher as not to run into any problems with the over spillage under the boobs and back area. 

You can purchase this cincher in three different colors on Amazon right now for $39.99 with Prime.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to myself in exchange for my honest review, however all thought expressed are 100% my own.*


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