Simply Nerdy Mom: Fit For We Mommy & Me Matching Water Bottles Review

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fit For We Mommy & Me Matching Water Bottles Review

Fit For We Mommy & Me matching water bottles are spill proof, shatter proof, and dishwasher safe, refillable bottles for mommies and their littles. The larger bottle is 25 ounces and the smaller is 18 ounces. 

Designed by a mom, for moms, these bottles are fun to use at mommy and me classes, exercise class, or just about anywhere! Little girls always love to imitate mommy and how adorable to have her very own water bottle just like mommy's! 

They have an easy open, flip top that also locks to prevent spills, as well as a little a little handle to make them easier to carry. They fit in any cup holder so they are also easy to take in the car with you.

I love the color of these water bottles as well! They are a transparent fluorescent pink. I'm a 90's kid so I am obsessed with bright fluorescent colors. 

Each bottle has the Fit For Me logo, which is adorable. 

If your child is anything like mine, they usually prefer juice or soda over water. Giving them a bottle this nice that matches the one mommy uses makes them more apt to drink more water. I know that I tend to drink more water if it's out of a really nice bottle. 

The company plans to expand and are looking to add Daddy & Me bottles in different colors as well as yoga mats, bags, and various other items that I am absolutely positive are sure to be a hit. 

Find these hot Mommy & Me bottles on Amazon right now for $29.95 with Prime.

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