Simply Nerdy Mom: Dot&Dot Car Seat Back Protector/Cover Review

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dot&Dot Car Seat Back Protector/Cover Review

Dot&Dot  is a company that makes quality travel products that make your trips a little more easy and organized. Their line consists of packing cubes, packing folders, toiletry kits, shoe bags, and storage bags. Dot&Dot also just released a great line of baby and toddler travel items as well.

One of the things in their line that we really love are these vehicle seat cover/protectors. We have two kids who are still at the age where they are always putting their dirty shoes on the back of the front seats. It's bad enough if you have leather seating, but even worse if your seats are upholstered. Every summer I find myself out there scrubbing the backs of the seats with upholstery cleaner trying to get the mud and dirt out. These protectors make it so much easier to clean the vehicle. They are washable and water resistant. 

They have two straps making them easy to put on and take off. One strap snaps around the head rest and the other around the lower part of the seat. The mats are extra large and sit over the entire back of the seat. The straps are also adjustable. 

They come in a two pack ($17.97 with Prime) or a one pack ($9.99 with Prime) on Amazon
Personally, I think the better option is to purchase two of the one packs. It doesn't make sense to me that the two pack would cost more than if you were to double up the one pack. 

At any rate, these are great even if you don't have children. They keep the backs of your seats protected from scuffs and scratches if you haul thing in your back seat. 

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