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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oz Naturals Products Review

I have been using Oz Naturals products for about a month or so now and I've had people remark that I look exactly the same way I did in high school. That's great to hear since I'm going to be 30 in a few weeks. So naturally, I can thank the time I take to use anti aging products and the time I take to actually take care of my skin. 

I use the Oz Naturals Super Youth Moisturizer twice a day and usually apply it after my Oz Naturals Eye Gel and Oz Naturals Serums which you can read about HERE. This moisturizer helps renew elasticity and firmness in skin. I can honestly say that as far as slowing or diminishing the signs of aging, it must work as the comments I've had about looking "younger" lately seem to come more and more as I continue to use these products. 

I use the Oz Naturals Hydration Mask at night at least once a week (usually on Sundays). So far I've only been able to use it twice since receiving it, but I can see a difference already. I typically don't use facial masks. On occasion I will so a facial peel, but it's rare for me as my nightly routine continues to get longer and longer as I get older. This mask gets firm but I can't say it hardens. You can feel it firming on your skin, but it's not so firm that you can't move your face. It dries kind of thick, but not thick enough to peel it off (hence why it's not called a peel), even though it feels like it could be. It's very easy to wash off with warm water and is perfect to use before applying any serums or moisturizers. 

The Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Tonic has a rather unpleasant scent to it. Almost all anti aging products seem to have a rather unpleasant smell, but this one was a little worse than the rest. However, that being said, I rather like the product. I spray it on my face before my serums and moisturizer and it helps smooth skin and my makeup goes on smoother and easier. You can use this through out the day as well, but I haven't used it that way. The purpose of this spray is to replenish skin. It also helps your serums and moisturizes combine and absorb into the skin to react better and give you the best possible results. 

I use the Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Cleanser at night in combination with my Soniclear cleanser. This product is odorless and along with my cleansing brush, gives a deeper clean. It gives skin a soothing feeling and isn't harsh like most cleansers. 

All of the Oz Naturals products, when used together give optimal results and really reduce the signs of aging. I'm asked all the time how I stay looking so young and I have these products to thank for that. 

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