Simply Nerdy Mom: November Discover Me Box: A Monthly Subscription For Special Needs Kids

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Discover Me Box: A Monthly Subscription For Special Needs Kids

Subscription box for children with special needs

I recently discovered an amazing new subscription box that is made just for our special kiddos. Discover Me Box is a monthly subscription box service which is made specifically for children with special needs! As a mother of an 8 year old on the Autism Spectrum, I am thrilled about this! We have gotten other subscription boxes for her before, but there were some items she couldn't have because of sensory issues. For instance, one of the Nerd Block Junior boxes had My Little Pony erasers in it. They were adorable, but my daughter, who occasionally chews on things when anxious or nervous, chewed them to tiny bits. That's extremely unsafe! So we really have to monitor what  she gets in her sub boxes. 

Subscription Box For Children with Special Needs

All of Discover Me Box's items are "special needs friendly" including the monthly snack! Each month contains a healthy snack, and items that develop fine motor skills, social skills, speech,and/or help with stress relief and fidgeting. 

Tactile Tiger Chewable Armband

This is a Tactile Tiger Chewable Armband. If you have a child on the spectrum (or just a child with special needs in general), you will know that they have a tendency to chew on just about everything when they get stressed out or fidgety or even over stimulated. Like I said before, my daughter has this tendency quite often. This armband can be worn to school or where ever and when she gets what I like to call "the chewies" she can just chew on this. It's basically exactly like teething jewelry for babies but quite stronger. They aren't going to get pieces off of it to swallow or make a mess and it helps calm them down. You can find it and other"chewie" items on CHEW STIXX and on Amazon for $13.49

Discover Me Box

My kids love these Clif Kid Bars and I like that they are a healthier snack than potato chips and candy. She gets her craving for something sweet, but without the hyper aftermath. You can find Clif Kid Bars at Walmart as well as various other stores online and they generally sell for around $14.49 for a box of 18 bars. 

Discover Me Box

These Family Dinner Question Cards are a great conversation starter. It helps develop communication skills as well as encouraging fluency with parts of speech by asking children to be descriptive and using full sentences in their answers. 

The cards ask simple questions that are fun for the whole family and you get 82 cards int he set. 
You can find Family Dinner Box of Questions (and other super fun titles) starting at $9.77 on Barnes & Noble, Fat Brain Toys,  Amazon, and where ever games are sold.

Discover Me Box: Subscription Box For Children With Special Needs

My Own Mailbox By Melissa & Doug is wonderful for fine motor practice and letter formation and it's fun for kids too! The letter, envelope, and post cards all wipe off and can be used again and again. The letter has lines on it which provides a visual cue for beginning writers to stay between the lines. You can find the My Own Mailbox by Melissa & Doug on Amazon for $16.40.

Another great thing they include in these boxes are recipe cards with great meal ideas to help add variety and nutrition to your child's diet. 

Discover Me Box also has a great store right on their site where you can purchase school supplies, sensory items, and art supplies as well as items for fine motor skills and oral motor development. 

You can get Discover Me Box delivered to your door starting at $29.99/month

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*Disclosure: Received in exchange for my honest review*

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