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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

iBbeautiful: November Box Review

iBbeautiful is a great monthly subscription box for tweens and teens designed to help young girls explore new products and brands. Each box is full of fun products as well as a monthly inspirational message. They have two box options: basic and graphic tee boxes. When you sign up, you have the ability to pick your age range of either Tween (ages 8-12) or Tenn (ages 13 and up) so your boxes are curated to your specific age group. 

I believe the box we got was tween, which is perfect because my daughter turns 8 on Thanksgiving. Yes, she's a turkey baby just like her momma! All the things that came in this box were adorable and she loved getting "big girl" stuff.

She received a Don't Wish - Just Be shirt which is a soft cotton tee and also happens to be the inspirational message for this month's box. The card that came with it says:
It's always good to take a little time to daydream. Wishes are great...but not if they take away from who you already are.
'Wishing' is good for things like being the winner of a contest or a big game...but don't waste time wishing you were different.
You're special, you're unique and that should be celebrated and treasured because there is no one else in the world just like YOU.
Remember every girl that has curly hair wishes she had straight hair, and every girl with straight hair wishes she had curly hair.
Take some time this Thanksgiving month to figure out what you're thankful for and to accept YOU for who YOU are. 

That's a pretty great inspirational message for any of us, I think. 

They also sent a great pair of fingerless gloves that have a flap to cover the fingers if you wish. These are super warm, and I absolutely love them. They actually fit me so I may "borrow" them until my daughter's hands get a bit bigger to fit into them. But they are perfect for winter in Pennsylvania!

This adorable "boot with the fur" as my family calls them, is a lip gloss in caramel flavor! It smells divine and my daughter can attach it to her backpack to use at school. 

She has started to get bath and beauty products for Christmas and birthdays now that she's older and she loves it, so she was excited for these. These are Lemon Verbena Shea Butter soap and lotion and they smell great!

She also loves wearing jewelry and immediately put this one as soon as she saw it. It's an adorable, vibrant colored, triple bracelet with heart charms. 

This little fella is a comb and mirror in one with an adorable bear face on the other side of the mirror and the comb slides into the mirror with the handle being the bears body. It has a little chain on it to hang on her backpack as well. 

iBbeautiful also has a great shop (found HERE) on their site with an array of items sure to be loved by the young lady in your life.  

You can discover iBbeautiful >> HERE

Also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter

*Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for my honest review*

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